Who Do You Look Up To?

Having recently moved to The Netherlands from the US, I have been watching the political shit show from the sidelines.  Horrified.  Watching helpless as my country slides sideways.  Bringing into question within me, the state of the whole world.

I find myself looking around, wondering where our true elders are.  Our true leaders.  Where are the real adults?  It feels to me like we’re in the hands of children who have gotten out of control and think they don’t have anyone to answer to.  But they do.


But in the meantime . . .

Come to think of it, I can’t remember anymore, the last time I had someone I looked up to and admired.  I wonder what kind of person that would be for me.

It would have to be someone with integrity.  Someone who has gone through some shit in their time and chose to grow from it, having gained hard won wisdom in the process.  Someone who has grown beyond needing validation from others because they have long since won the war within and are at peace with who they are.

Someone who doesn’t require anything from others, because they have already provided themselves with what they need.  Enabling them to see objectively what is actually needed to bring a situation back into balance, and lessening the chances of being persuaded by the lure of money and power.  Because being in true balance is more rewarding than what either of those things can provide.

The person would be in touch with their feelings and heart.  But having mastered them, being strong enough to still do what was right and needed to be done, even if it was hard and painful.  Forgiving, understanding and yet stern, disciplined.  A Compassionate Authority.

Someone filled with such contentment and inner joy, that it spills out into the world around them effortlessly.  And yet, still beautifully human, flawed, and someone we can all relate to.

In short, someone who really does have it all figured out and isn’t just pretending to.  Someone to remind us what we’re capable of and to once again inspire us to put in the needed hard work to become the best version of ourselves (and need I say, for the betterment of all).

How amazing would that be?  How amazing would it feel to be reminded of what we’re capable of as individuals?  To wake us from our fear inflicted confusion and depression?  To remember our own power inside and what we’re capable of?  To once again be brave enough to dream of a better world, where the individuals can make a difference, no matter how bleak the world looks?

Could that person be you?  Could it be someone you know?  Maybe someone who could use even the littlest bit of support and encouragement?  I think that person is out there somewhere, right now.  Maybe going through the very shit that will wisen them in their later years.  Maybe fighting to not give up in themselves and strengthening their heart for the tough battles ahead.

I hope that whoever it is, that they find the courage to keep getting back up no matter how much life shoves them down.  I hope that they find the strength to keep reconnecting to their heart no matter how much it hurts.  I hope they work as hard as necessary to heal themselves and to recover their voice.  And most of all, I hope that when they do reclaim their voice, that they roar with all of their heart for the rest of us to hear.  So we can remember ourselves once again.

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