The Curiosity of the Bright Late Night Sky

Back in June of this year [2017] my husband and I were remarking on how it felt more like it was August or September based on the angle of the sunlight.  It gave me the feeling like it was that time of year when you have to start thinking about getting school supplies for the kiddos and are looking forward to the cooler days of fall.  I had to keep consciously reminding myself that it was only June.  “No way Jose.” I kept replying back.

On the evening of June 26 I peeled myself away from Netflix long enough to take a look outside.  My internal clock was telling me that it was pretty late in the night, but there was still blue sky visible on the horizon.  I glanced at the clock on the oven to see that it was nearly midnight.  What?!  There’s just no effing way.

Now I know I’m new to the area [country] and yes the sunset occurs later than where I used to live, but my husband has lived here his whole life and has no recollection of dusk lasting until nearly midnight.  It just felt off, you know?

So, loving a good mystery, I tried taking some pictures but they just looked pathetic compared to what I was seeing with my bare eyes.  Not only that, but there are things that pictures just can’t capture such as what a person is experiencing in themselves as it’s happening.  I love sharing personal experiences with others such as these and I’m always disappointed when I see the limp and pale version of the experience reflecting back from the photos I take.

But I’m going to share them anyways.  🙂

June 26 2017 1150 PM
June 26, 2017 @ 11:50 PM, Netherlands

Do you see that?  What the hey hey?  It’s kind of exciting, no?

By nature I am constantly scanning, observing, taking mental notes of the world around me.  I can’t remember a time I wasn’t doing that.  At any given moment I’m puzzling through all of the information I’ve picked up through the course of my life, searching for connections.  Over time, a bigger picture based on some of that information starts to form until it is a complete circuit, meaning all of the pieces fit into a cohesive whole.

When I can’t see that bigger picture then I know I’m missing information.  It generates a feeling of curiosity in me that begs to be answered.  I scour information from a multitude of ways, looking for anomalies.  Why?  Because it points to something that is outside of what I’ve been taught or understand and therefore holds the key to an even bigger and greater understanding.  And that is exciting to me.

Okay so anyways, I continued to go about my life and kind of forgot about it until the beginning of July.  I was on our balcony and based on where the light was, I thought it was maybe around 6 or 7.  I would have said earlier, but it had already felt like I had been awake forever and so I assumed it must be later then it felt.  But upon checking the clock, it was nearly 9 PM!  The sun seemed way too high in the sky.  Here’s another picture:

July 8 2017 855 PM
July 8, 2017 @ 8:55 PM, Netherlands

Again, the picture doesn’t do justice the actual experience.  It was disorienting to see the sun so high in the sky for that late at night.  By this point, I was discussing with my husband what scenarios would make it possible for the sun to be out of place like this.  This adds to an already huge pile of ‘what in the hell is actually going on?’ that I’ve been trying to piece together for years.  Because something is going on, but the answers we’re being given doesn’t even begin to answer all of the things I’m noticing and so my own search continues.

Btw, I’m more interested in sharing what information I find and collect than I am in giving answers, because the answers I get are more for myself than anyone else.  It doesn’t mean I won’t give my opinion or hypothesis, but I’m under the assumption that you are your own person with your own mind and that you’re here because you are also curious and searching for clues to help answer questions for yourself.  BYOB.  Be Your Own Boss.

This clue piece is called The Curiosity of the Bright Late Night Sky.  Speaking of which, I have one more picture to share.  It’s from July 10 and it’s the best picture I have so far for this particular clue because the clouds cleared up enough to show just how light out it still was.

July 10 2017 1100 PM II
July 10, 2017 @ 11:00 PM, Netherlands

Wow, look at that.  Btw, I did look up sunset/dusk times and on July 10th, dusk was supposed to be at 10:33.  It seems a bit bright to be that far past dusk.  But even if the times were dead on, my instinct would still be telling me to pay attention to whatever is going on with this because it could help me answer other questions I have.  If my instinct worked for me as a financial/data analyst, then it can work for me here too.

Alright, that’s it for this bit.  Until next time!

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