Unexpected Mini Tsunamis

Here’s another oddity that is standing out to me and that I’ve added to my clue hunting list of ‘what’s really going on?’:  Unexpected Mini Tsunamis.  Since March of this year, there have been at least four that have been reported, including one here in The Netherlands.

In my opinion, this is effing bizarro and points to something bigger.  They get brushed aside too easily, and yes individually they may not mean much, but add them together along with the landslide of other things going on and there’s a bigger problem to solve for than the individual events.

It’s also too easy to shove everything different or strange under the umbrella of “man made global warming”.  I get where the scientists are coming from, and yes man is not exactly the planet’s friend at this point in time.  However, it doesn’t explain all of the changes we’re seeing, not to mention at the speed in which everything is escalating.  They seem to have to keep updating their models too often and it turns from hundreds of years to decades to years to minutes to seconds just like nearly every disaster movie out there.

Man made global warming does not account for changes happening on other planets in our solar system.  It’s not just Earth going through changes.  I’ve been paying close attention this last 12 years and my gut, all of the way down to my core, says that there is something much bigger going on here.  Not one to wait around for others to tell me what’s happening, I’ve been looking under the surface of things (guided by my trusty intuition) to see if I can’t piece something together that makes more sense to me.

If it beeps on my radar, on the list it goes.  I don’t care if people think it’s been explained or view it as “normal”.  I’ve never seen SO MANY weird things get passed off as ‘oh that’s totes normal, like it happens all the time- it’s a phenomenon called muckarickaroo‘ as I have in the last twelve years.  So, you know, that’s not the point here.

My criteria is whether it stands out or means something to me.  I won’t know if it’s actually significant until I pull out all of the little treasures I’ve found and see if they connect together into a bigger coherent picture or not.  Until then, all the pieces go into the pot.

Regarding this particular clue, below you’ll find links to articles as well as YouTube clips regarding the four referenced ‘unexpected tsunamis’ that have happened this year to add to your own clue board if you should choose.  Happy Hunting!

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