Dream Giving Gentle Reminder of What’s Really Important

I had some interesting dreams last night that really made me think.  A couple were set at a hotel and the one I’ll share with you begins with me going to my room and seeing that there was already a woman in there occupying it.  She seemed a little off somehow, not really with it.  I tried to just go along with it but I became more and more uncomfortable with the situation.

Then I started to experience the world as she did.  When my husband walked away from me and towards the door, he seemed to disappear from my sight.  I seemed to be viewing the world from a different light spectrum than a human usually sees.  It was disconcerting to me.  It was a little how I might imagine a bad acid trip to be.  My reality bubbled in front of me with colors that you don’t normally see in the air in front of you, like mixes of green and then yellow.

I decided I was done trying to be okay with the situation and asked the hotel staff to get me a different room.  They seemed to take it very seriously and at first I believed it was for my benefit that they were upset about it, but as I listened on I found out that the woman was the wife of someone important to the hotel and I even detected a bit of protectiveness and affection for the woman.  They were more upset at the woman being disturbed then in the inconvenience it had caused me.

Something about that calmed me inside and felt right.  It felt like something that has gone missing in the world and it felt good to be put back in my place in a manner of speaking.  All of my dreams pointed to this more humbling place as well as showing me how I’ve veered away from myself a bit and am not as accepting of all of me as I should be.  I need to be more soft and compassionate for the human condition and the many things we face during our adventures here.

It felt good to be reminded in the most subtle and loving of ways of what’s more important and to be pointed back to my center where I belong.  It’s easy to go off track in the hectic pace of the current world and I don’t enjoy life as much when I lose sight of what actually matters down here.

I also feel that it’s more important than ever to be aware of this.  Time seems to be short and I feel the best thing I could be doing right now is getting more in touch with my heart and soul and things beyond the material world as we are constantly reminded everyday that it isn’t forever.  We are always on borrowed time.

Until next time, take care!

Flower May 27 2018

It’s Time To Get Right Within Ourselves

These last couple of weeks have been a bit of a wild ride out in the world.  I wonder what is going on, but at the same time there is a part of me that knows.  Knows, but hasn’t surfaced enough yet for me to remember it more clearly.

Even as a child, this part of me knew that adult me would experience all manner of natural disasters and earth changes.  Chaos that was unimaginable to little girl me, but that life would prepare for adult me to be able to handle.

And so here I sit, watching it become more visible in the physical world.  Things I have been dreaming about and receiving visions of my whole life.

I’ve never heard the word ‘unprecedented’ used so often for such a wide variety of things in such a short amount of time in all my life, as I have in the last week.  Hurricanes, wildfires, solar flares, radiation, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  One tripping along the heals of the other.

Everyone has their own idea of what they think is happening.  Climate change (whether man-made or otherwise), weather modification, pole-shift, ice age, Nibiru, the coming of Christ, cosmic rays, etc.

Some respond by prepping, preparing.  Others by trying to keep things going business as usual.  Others are praying, repenting, rationalizing, intellectualizing, denying, blaming.  Trying to cope as best as they know how for something of this magnitude.  Trying to regain some sense of control over their lives.

I do not feel fear about what is happening or coming.  This is something bigger than me, than us.  We do not have control over it.  It feels like that is something that we’ve forgotten over recent times, that we aren’t in control over everything.  We need this.  We need to be reminded that there is something greater than ourselves.

These things were always going to happen.  To see it as punishment or as something to be controlled, is to miss the greater wisdom of what is about to unfold.

Perfect in Our Imperfections

A part of being human is to learn and grow as you live your life.  We are never really the same person from moment to moment in the same way that you never step into the same river twice.

It’s only fair to judge someone based on the entirety of their journey, and that can only be seen at soul level.  And in the end we all get it right, we get it perfect for ourselves.  So all we are really seeing here on Earth are the steps it took for us to reach our perfection.

We can be there for each other’s journey, but no one can do another’s journey for them.  Let people be human, to make mistakes, including yourself.  Live and let live.